August 29, 2017

Welcome “J-Swift” to Mollies World

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Welcome to Mollies World

1. What’s your name and tell us a little bit about yourself.

J-Swift: I’m J-Swift from Charlotte, NC; I Rap, Sing, and perform Reggae. I’ve traveled all around the world. From life experiences I have developed my own style of music. Not being conformed to a box. I work hard, stay consistent, & humble. #1ZILLON #ALETSDOIT !!!!!!!

2. Where are you from? And what affect does that have on your music?

J-Swift: Charlotte is where I’m from. It has an affect in the sense that I grew up being in the streets there, going through difficult times, and made it through all. There is another affect when it comes to my music, it is me just being me and stories of my life period. From leaving in different states/cities around the USA and my international travels.

3. What was highest and lowest point in your career?

J-Swift: Can’t really say because I had them both and still am going through them both at this moment..

4. How do you separate your personal life from your music life and how does how does the music industry affect your personal life?

J-Swift: By praying, keeping my head on straight, and just doing it. The music industry doesn’t affect my personal life and I will not allow them two to intertwine.

5. What project/track means the most to and which project/track are you proudest of?

J-Swift: All my records mean the most to me because I made each one for different reasons and I’m proud of them all. Just to hear my voice coming through the speakers my songs are getting played out of.

6. How do you separate yourself from other artist?

J-Swift: I rap, sing, and do Reggae and I’m good at them all. I also have different records, none of them sound the same or talking about the same things. My music gives you a certain feeling. I don’t sound like any other artist as well.

7. Who do you feel is your biggest competitor?

J-Swift: Me

8. What is the hardest part of the music industry?

J-Swift: Dealing with fake/lying ass people.

9. What are your thoughts on how the rap game has changed?

J-Swift: It’s for the good, things change, and nothing will forever stay the same.

10. Who or what has the biggest impact on your career?

J-Swift: When people walk up to me who I don’t know, call my name, and show my music respect.

11. What can we look forward to seeing in the future from you?

J-Swift: Everything, Don’t hold your breath #HOLDUP #J-SWIFT #DBFD #1ZILLON #ALETSDOIT !!!!!!!

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Connect w/ Jay Swift:
Twitter: @dreadboi21
Instagram: dreadboi21

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