January 26, 2017

Welcome “Dow Bank$” to Mollies World


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1. What’s your name and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Dow: It’s highly appreciated, thank you for having me, Dow Bank$ is an individual with a vision. I cultivate my true life journeys, with current lifestyle expectations into visual projections.

2. Where are you from? And what affect does that have on your music?

Dow: I was raised all over the South, being born in Houston, Tx and later lived in Florida, Louisiana, and Alabama. I come from a kinship of entrepreneurs so I invest, employ, and empower in my music.

3. What was your lowest and highest point in your career?

Dow: Learning how to understand a lesson in order to instill discipline. Learning how to follow as a means to inculcate leadership.

4. How do you separate your personal life from your music life and how does the music industry affect your personal life?

Dow: My personal life has attained a level of success that my music life hasn’t, so the lifestyles separate automatically. I demand loyalty and credibility from the music industry, as I do in my personal life. Productivity is the goal when producing a product.

5. What project/track means the most to you and which project/track are you proudest of?

Dow: The “Platinum Tho” project is a track produced by Ehp Beats & Gsound and engineered by Vance Vexed.

6. How do you separate yourself from other artist?

Dow: An automatic separation is created when an artist enters a time of paramount by filling their artistic purpose.

7. Who do you feel is your biggest competitor?

Dow: My biggest competitor is myself, at over achieving my future goals while not allowing my past accomplishments to be nullified in vain.

8. What is the hardest part of the music industry.

Dow: The industry became evident when sheet music was superseded with records. The music industry also transformed with the widespread of digital distribution which now puts live music in demand. From the creator’s and manufacturers, to the companies that organize the associations, professionals that represent music must show integrity.

9. What are your thoughts on how the rap game has changed?

Dow: Creator’s and consumer’s should have more power, control, and influence as to where the wave of rap music transcends. The rap game is a loose synonym for rap culture.

10. Who or what has the biggest impact on your career?

Dow: My family is second to nothing and my career follows. Together they make my religion. This is the triangle I use to govern the decisions I make.

11. What can we look forward to seeing in the future from you?

Dow: More enterprising singles and creative hits for my fans.

Checkout Dow Bank$ Single “Platinum Tho”

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