April 27, 2016

[Mixtape] Live From The 706 Hosted by @BiggaRankin00 & The Bankroll Squad DJS


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Bigga Rankin drops latest mixtape w the Bankroll Squad DJS featuring
various standout artists. Checkout the Live from the 706.

1. Dread Head Cartel ft Wayne 3D – Intro IWTFS (I’m wit the fuck Shit)
2. T Money – Piped up
3. Blaq – Make It
4. Sean Teezy – Dancer
5. Medallion T ft Yaki – Dope in a Mansion
6. B3 – The Plug
7. Mohan The Cuban – OK Remix
8. DKV – Feelings
9. Lil Caddy – Thirsty
10. Marquise Wineglass – Yesterday

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