March 7, 2016

[Mixtape] Crush The Sota Tape hosted by @djenferno33 & @djraymills

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Tags: BreezySays CoolRunningDJs CrushTheSotaTape DJEnferno DJRayMills Mixtape TeamBiggaRankin

First major release of it’s kind from the State of Minnesota. With this compilation we showcase some of the hidden talents of MN artist and producers. Mixed by DJ Enferno & DJ Raymills Crush The Sota Tape Vol. 1 was put together to entice your earbuds to what we have in store for the lovers of dope music.

Connect w/ DJ Enferno & DJ Ray Mills:
Twitter: @djenferno33 @djraymills @atgbooming
Instagram: @djenferno33 @djraymills @atgbooming

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