January 11, 2018

850Spaid Releases New Video “WHO IS THIS” + Mp3 Download


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Since the age of 12, Steven Baptiste (SPaiD, 24) has been perfecting his craft as an artist and musician. Raised in Panama City, Florida, SPaiD has overcome obstacles in his life that is described and channeled into his music, so the world can hear his story and opinions on life through hip hop. Although young, his talent is unique, passionate, and uncommon compared to other artists in this industry. With a mix of fresh lyrics, catchy hip hop melodies, and a carefree message, SPaiD decided to take the music business seriously and take off without looking back!

Click [Here] To Download

Connect w/ 850Spaid:

Website: http://www.850SPAID.com

Twitter: @850SPAID

Instagram: 850SPAID

Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/850SPAID

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